A speedy, secure and concise computer recyling service

We have always done it for free...

CAd dot Services have recycled PC's from Businesses, Colleges and other institutions for quite a while now. All PC's have their data securely erased and are either sold on as whole machines or dissasembled and the seperate parts reused/donated/sold on. We do get requests from Charities and non profits for machines but not all the time, most of the machines are sold on to low income families / students for an extremely low cost route into the world of IT and all its many avenues.

If you have obsolete PC's that need removal please use any of the contact information to arrange computer recycling drop off, fill out the donation form and bring it with you, or a copy, if required free pc recycling data eradication documents will be sent back to you, transfer invoice too.

- home users with single machines can drop off their equipment in Gorseinon, Swansea - make sure to call first.

Any operating software and licences would be welcome to further keep costs down for the end user.

We are about 12 miles from Swansea.

Working Equipment that can be recycled:

Audio / Visual, Blackberry, Bluetooth, CCTV systems, Desktop PC Systems, Digital Cameras, External Devices, Flat Panels, Gameing Consoles and Devices, Hubs, Ibooks, Imacs, Iphones, Individual Components, Laptops, Leads, Mobile Phones, Monitors (CRT, LCD & TFT), Operating System Discs & COA's, PDA's, Plasma Screens, Printers, Routers, Scanners, Speakers & Systems, Switches, Shredders, TVs, USB Devices, Wireless Devices and most electrical equipment - call or email for advice.

According to the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC), "e-waste" - dead computers and other consumer-electronics cast-offs - is the fastest growing portion of our rubbish waste system, with consumer-electronics devices also accounting for 40 percent of the lead in landfills This service alone saves valuable space being ruined by landfill as over 1,000,000 machines in London are disposed of in the ground in this way each year!

This is more of an environmental effort rather than entirely for-profit.

Download Donation Form / Download Data Protection Datasheet


We care about the environmental harm placed upon it by obsolete IT items, considered 'e-waste' can wreck havoc both at home and in undeveloped coutries too. We also set aside some of the hardware to give to organisations and those in need locally.

Free Collection

We come to you to remove the obsolete hardware for free, each item is noted for the transfer noticve and data destruction certificate. We accept computer and network hardware and electrical items including mobile phones and handheld devices.

Secure Processing

From collection and all through the refurbishemnt process, the machines are firstly eradicated of all data using Department of Defence Guttman standard with multiple overwrites - a data destruction cerficate is issued at the end of the process.

Fastrack Service

From a speedy collection to the finished refurbished and ready to be distributed product, we work fast as have the tools and extensive knowledge to facilitate an efficient upcyling process.