Computer Repairs

If you computer should develop a problem be it hardware or software including viruses, malware and adware, CAd dot Services can put it right for you in and because we are from the real world we do not charge you the earth to do it either, unlike some other organisations.

Data Loss

Have you just lost data? – do not panic, there is still a chance of recovery as long the computer hardware is left ‘as is’ with no interruption.

Call the number above for advice and do not try to recover the data yourself, you can have less of a chance of full recovery if the process is not done correctly using the right tools (and could risk you losing all data, or any that may be left).

Costs for these services are very very competitive compared to current high street market prices.

All client services are dealt with in the strictest of confidence at all times.

Data Destruction

If you have vital and confidential data that you need destructing when removing computers for recycling, CAd dot Services can remove ALL data to, and surpassing the DOD+ 5520.22-M US defence standard with absolutely no risk of recovery by third parties. Whatsoever.

We use a variety of software to securely eradicate all data, this can be via DVD-ROM boot, hard drive direct access or USB boot. 

The software we use randomly writes and deletes data a set number of times using very high-security algorithms, it is then finally filled with random data which is then deleted – the drive is then left entirely clean and ready for its next application with no chance of recovery using UNDELETE commands or even specialised data recovery software – we cannot even get it back!

Client services are dealt with in the strictest of confidence at all times and items ready for upcycling including data destruction are stored at a high-security location until processed.

We have provided services for many organisations such as the BBC, Met Police, teaching associations and the financial sector.

Computer and IT equipment recycling

If you have computers and IT equipment that need recycling, we can come and collect these for for as well as offering secure data destruction with a follow up Data destruction transfer invoice. All hardware is stored at a secure location until the data destruction process is completed, the software we use boots from removable media (like a USB or CDR) then destructs data to a standard surpassing the US Department of Defence standard.

Website creation and high quality hosting 

If you have a business idea or service that you’d like to highlight – we can fulfil your idea and present a front facing website to the world with a large range of installable CMS options, high quality web hosting is also offered including email setup for a flawless transition or initial launch of the product or service with a range of eCommerce options available.