If you have obsolete computers and IT hardware to donate for reuse, please read the terms and conditions and fill out the electronic form below, we will then confirm and be back in touch with a collection date.


Computer hardware is donated to CAd dot Services along with know-how associated with its use, and either sold on to or supplied to charities and low income families (from here on: Users), on the following terms and conditions:


Donor: Anyone who donates material to the CAd dot Services under a signed Donation form (Signature required upon collection).

User: Anyone who uses hardware supplied by CAd dot Services under a signed Request form.

Donation form: Document to accompany hardware donated to the CAd dot Services (Brought with the driver to the collection).

Request form: Document for requesting available hardware.


Donation of hardware: 

1. CAd dot Services has the right to accept or reject donations and to supply hardware. Donors will have no right of deposit. 

2. Donated hardware must be accompanied by a Donation form and copies of all relevant safety information, source documentation, technical manuals, original references, Operating System software and drivers etc. 

 Destruction of donated Hardware: 

1. CAd dot Services reserves the right to break down any obsolete hardware of no use for component recycling.  

2. Any electronic data information on any hardware will be destroyed using software that surpasses the US Gutmann DOD+ Military standards to totally eradicate data.

3. Some hardware is available for sale to the public after refurbishment and all is made available to charities and low income families etc at a greatly reduced rate or If anything at all.

Details of Hardware to be donated:*

*Please include all relevant information including the number of items

Upon receipt of the the email message above we will be able to contact you with a collection date.

Your data is safe with us

We have been recycling computers and hardware and working with financial, governmental and local councils since 2004 with relevant data destruction certificates/transfer invoices issued, all for free.